Beautiful Inside And Out

Beautiful Inside And Out : One of the best things done to you is receiving a compliment. And one of the most common you will hear is “you are beautiful”.

You might even go so far as to say that you are beautiful both on the inside and outside.

You may see people misunderstand the phrase to mean ‘you are beautiful inside and out’, but it actually means ‘you are beautiful inside and outside’.

On the outside, it indicates attractiveness or pleasantness. On the inside, it indicates kindness, lovely, or friendliness.

Therefore “beautiful inside and out” means nice to look at but also lovely to be around.

So being told that we nailed both is going to make us feel great. It’s also common to hear on the outside that appearance, but on the inside, is all that counts.


A person is said to be beautiful when they possess a lot of beauty; their beauty is a lot.

Bellus is a Latin word that means pretty or attractive.

French speakers turned this word into “Beaute” when the Normans came to England and invaded England, and this word became a part of our language.

During the Medieval times when we were speaking middle English, the word “beauty” became “beauty”.

Many people nowadays use this word as a compliment to describe someone who has a lot of beauty.

Why do we give compliments?

Knowing that you’ve received a compliment from someone is always nice. We are always pleased to know that other people think highly of us.

Giving compliments is just as satisfying as receiving. By giving flattering remarks, you make the receiver feel good, which in turn makes us feel happy.

It goes further than that, as it also demonstrates our awareness and empathy for others, as we take their emotions seriously.

This is true both in a personal life and in a work environment if people like you.

Is “beautiful” still a compliment?

It has become popular to speak about #MeToo. There is a debate as to whether it still is a compliment to be called “beautiful”.

If women hear that word, many would imagine a story about a dashing title character from a rich family. In reality, many of them would imagine an overweight middle-aged man shouting at her on the street.

“Beautiful” has stopped being romantic and has now just become creepy.

Context is important. Someone screaming at a woman on the street is going to be creepy regardless of who they are. But, a person who says “you are beautiful inside and out” is usually just saying they love you.


In the Victorian era, when romantic literature was prevalent, the phrase “You are beautiful inside and out” became commonplace. The concept of love was evolving, gone were the days when we would marry who each other would tell us to, and we could now choose who we wanted to marry.

Despite the difficulty in locating the earliest occurrences of the phrase, records from Google books show early examples of the phrase from the 1800s.


Another mistranslation of this phrase is “you’re beautiful inside and out”. Although somewhat similar, the words actually mean something different.

An inside out image is one where the inside becomes visible on the outside. For someone who had a broken leg would have bones and organs exposed on the surface.

You shouldn’t say “You are beautiful inside and out” unless you want to tell someone they would look much better if their organs were on display.


The final word of the complement – out – doesn’t really make any sense when put in context. Therefore, it would be better to say “You are beautiful both inside and out”.

By saying “outside” instead of “out”, you’ll be making it more explicit what you mean. You’re not telling someone they’d be beautiful if they left the room.

The fact that everyone will know what you mean if you say “out” has turned that compliment into an ordinary compliment. Language can be used in fun ways if people use it in this way.


You can, of course, say plenty of other things to someone to tell them they are both beautiful on the inside and outside.

“You’re great from the inside out” has a similar ring to “you’re beautiful on the inside and out”, but would be better aimed at friends or idols rather than someone you want to be romantically attached to.

A person being compared to an angel is usually a big compliment. Angels in the Bible are beautiful and loving of others, but they are also full of God’s love. So such a comparison is meant as a compliment.

Perfection means you cannot improve in any way. Someone who is perfect is not able to grow any more gorgeous nor be any nicer.

Not your guts

To say that someone is beautiful on the inside is to be using metaphors.

An example of a metaphor is when a person means something differently from what they are literally saying. Metaphors are more common than we think, and they’re not just used in English class.

We should eat healthily, participate in exercise, and not smoke or drink to be the perfect insider. Telling someone they’re beautiful on the inside is not the same as saying they have great guts.

The soul of a person is usually called beautiful.


During the Victorian era the phrase “beautiful inside and out” came about. Although the word “beautiful” has been part of our language for centuries, the term “beautiful inside and out” was not used until then.

Complimenting people can sometimes feel creepy and awkward. Still, complimenting them when done correctly can be a great way to get people to like us, and get further in life.

Still, it makes more sense to say “You’re beautiful inside and out” rather than “You’re beautiful from the inside out”.

When we compliment someone “inside,” we don’t just say they’re nice on the outside, we mean they’re also nice on the inside.

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