How Much Does 9round Cost | Facts You Should Know

In case you enjoy kickboxing and would like to incorporate it into your exercise schedule, 9round will be your best companion without a doubt.  

The gym trainer on the spot can work with you according to your schedule to arrange it accordingly. You should, however, be aware of the cost of 9 9round before you become engrossed in fanaticism.

Nine Rounds monthly subscription costs approximately $100. The situation varies from location to location, however.

We will discuss in detail in the next section why price variations occur and how exact costs are determined.

What Is 9round

Nineround is a gym, which I have already explained. Nevertheless, it is not a standard gym with a scheduled cardio session. Gyms typically cater to a fixed schedule for their clients.

When you don’t show up at the scheduled time, you are left alone in the gym room to fend for yourself. This is where 9round excels because it does not have a schedule for gym time.

An instructor will be available to guide you through a good 30 minutes to 1-hour gym session any time you wish. The 9round gym franchises all have a highly skilled trainer waiting for you throughout the day (multiple trainers around the clock).

The trainers offer you the best assistance at the gym by coming out of your well-planned gym charts.

9round’s trainer will plan an extensive workout schedule to mobilize every part of your body and maximize the effect of workouts, and that’s what separates it from standard gyms.

How Much Does 9round Cost

Seeing 9round’s distinctive workout structure and its advantages, you might wonder what the price of a 9round membership would be.

Although the thought is legitimate, it doesn’t have any base.

Most people won’t pay more than $100 for each month for 9round, just like regular gyms. Since different franchises manage gyms in different locations, the prices may vary slightly.

An average 9round membership will cost you between $80 and $100 per month, similar to what you’d pay at most gyms. Within the monthly subscription fee, you’ll have access to all of the regular workout facilities.

Alternatively, you can subscribe for 6-months or a year, which offer slightly lower costs than the monthly fees.

The first time you do the 9round workout, you will have to register for it. Depending on your geographical location and franchise owner there, the first initiation fee will range between $50 and $200. In spite of that, your first workout is always free at this gym.

As such, we believe 9round to be a global workout space that is affordable. It’s also unique with a 24X7 trainer and a detailed workout plan that makes it stand out from the competition.

What Includes Within the Subscription Fee

You receive all standard gym accessories when you subscribe to 9round gym and pay the initiation fee. As well as gloves, you will receive hand wraps.

This will save you a few bucks since you won’t have to buy another pair for a long time. The gloves even have an intense pulse in some cases. By attaching the belt to the pulse mechanism, you can monitor your heart rate.

Mobile phone users have the ability to monitor their heart rate instantly with the heart rate monitoring feature. The continuous reading will help you know how many calories you have burnt- no more and no less. That’s impressive!

What Else Should You Know About 9round Gym

Based on the individual’s physical structure and calorie requirements, 9 rounds developed a brilliant workout plan. Therefore, there is a three-minute time limit per session. Throughout the entire training session, a trainer will closely monitor the participants.

Thanks to the constant changing of the workout locations, you will never get bored with one workout type. At the gym, you’ll have access to nine workout sessions, each of which has a specific task to perform.

In order for each session to be effective, there will be a sufficient interval between sessions.  We customize every session to fit your physical requirements and endurance so you won’t overdo the workouts.

You move from one station to another while doing kickboxing, abdominals and core training exercises.


So that’s all we have to say about how much 9round costs. Additionally, it includes the benefits you’ll receive for spending time at the gym. As for the cost of the monthly subscription to 9round, franchises usually charge between $80 and $100 per month, which is reasonable if not cheap when compared to most gyms.

Moreover, 9round offers quality gloves and tailored workout sessions under the supervision of a trainer at any time. If you join 9round, do you sign up to tone your abs and strengthen your muscles?

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