How Much Does A Ferret Cost? Including Petco, PetSmart

Ferrets are amazing! They’re right behind cats and hamsters on my priority list. Their cute faces are enough to make you smile. I want to cuddle them so hard because they always have this clueless look on their face. It makes you go, “awww!”.

There are costs associated with becoming friends with a ferret. Yes, I’m referring to real money. As you can see, wild ones are not always available. A tame animal is highly unlikely. Therefore, you’re left with visiting a pet store.

Can you tell me the price of a ferret, though? You can stop shaking your head now that you know what to do.

How Much Does a Ferret Cost?

Questions may arrive like this, and they differ from one place to another. Pet stores charge anywhere from $50 to $250, depending on the type of pet. You must also pay for the animal’s vaccinations on top of the animal’s cost. This will increase the price by another $100 or $150, bringing it up to a range of $350 to $400.

A Little Nerdy Explanation

There are two types of ferrets: those that are domesticated and those that are wild.  Humans are most typically not at risk when it comes to ferrets being domesticated, but the kind isn’t intended for being kept as pets. In spite of this, people still go for their fluffy faces.

They have a long cylindrical body shape and fur covering their bodies all over them. They can have different colored fur, such as a brown, black or white fur, or a black fur mixed with white fur, a black fur mixed with brown fur, and so on.

It is estimated that they weigh approximately 0.5 to 2.5 kilograms on average. As for the length, they can reach up to two hundred and fifty five centimetres. There is a wild type of ferret referred to as the black-footed ferret. Formerly, it was believed that the animal was extinct, however, this is not the case at all.

There is a stigma about owning a ferret as a pet, but did you know a domesticated ferret can’t last longer than a few days away from the house? If you surround the poor animal with love and provide a safe environment for it, then I do not think owning a ferret is a big deal.

Should I Get a Ferret?

That isn’t a simple question since a pet requires a lot of time, commitment, and emotional investment. Whether it’s a cat, a ferret, or even a dinosaur, we love them all.

If you want to take responsibility for your life first, ask yourself if you are prepared. Pets aren’t toys that you can play with and then throw away afterward. You have to put some time into it. Particularly if you’re thinking of getting a ferret, you’ll have a lot to do.

Unlike other pets, ferrets have a natural disposition to be lively and friendly. The playful nature of these animals does require some supervision while playing, or they could injure themselves. As well as feeding, cleaning, and tending to their needs, there comes the responsibility of keeping them safe.

A furry friend that needs care and love almost as much as a human baby is right up your alley.

Do Ferrets Smell?

Do they smell? That is one common question that is frequently asked about them. All of us do, right? It’s no different with ferrets. It is true that they smell musky. It is largely released as a territorial marker. The thing that makes ferrets unique is that they have an entire scent sac near their anus.

Their more pungent smell is caused by this. An animal’s health can be seriously compromised if that sac is removed. I don’t recommend doing that so at all. If you want to mask the smell a bit, then neutering is an option. That way, they won’t search for a partner by leaving their odor in places.

The point to be noted here is that they do release a certain smell if they feel frightened in any way.

What Do Ferrets Eat?

There are no vegetarians among them. Considering they are mostly few in numbers, you can’t ignore them. Ferrets are meat-eaters. Their diet should be high in fat and protein. It’s a viable option to feed ferret kitty food.

Now, ferrets are demanding kibble as their preferred food. Having water available at all times is mandatory. There is one very important thing you should remember about vegetables: The protein they contain is not digestible. You shouldn’t give them vegetables because it may upset their stomach.

They should try to get 35% of their protein from food. You can make it from chicken by-products. As a pet owner, I would steer clear of dairy products. You should not provide them with milk or other dairy products that could cause indigestion.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Ferret?

It is your responsibility to pay for their food, their medications, their vaccinations, and other maintenance. Yes, it can cost between $50 and $100 to maintain. The cost of vaccination can range between $100 and $150.

Occasionally, a little more can be spent on neutering. Pets aren’t cheap in general. Yet, the joy of having a friend who isn’t going to judge your ways is priceless.

How Much Does a Ferret Cost at Petco?

You can buy ferrets at Petco for $150 or so. You can trust Petco with the price since they’re a popular retailer. PetSmart is often overlooked when talking about Petco only. In what price range do ferrets sell at PetSmart? A typical item at that store costs between $65 and $250.

All things considered, owning a full-grown ferret is the best choice because they require less maintenance. But if it’s really important to you, then go ahead and get a baby one. The cost of a baby ferret ranges from $75 to $250.

You have to remember that it is only the cost of the actual animal. Charges are required in addition. It can cost you an additional $200 or more, as they have already discussed.

Other Ferret Needs

A cage might be necessary for them. You may want to consider getting a ferret cage if you are going to the vet, returning, or simply taking a little time off. What is the price of a ferret cage at Petco? A wide variety of items are available.

Cages costing $250 or $300 are available, as well as those costing a third of the price or less. Cages at $30 to $35 are available, for example. What you choose to do with your pet ferret is entirely up to you.

Toys are among the other needs. A Ferret’s favorite plaything is a ball, and from TikTok I learned that Ferrets are playful and enjoy balls! Squishy toys and colorful balls are something they love.

You can get a cage for your ferret if he likes it; otherwise, you can provide him with a comfy bed.

Ensure their comfort with whatever you do by learning their pattern.


There are some controversies around owning a ferret as a pet, although I’m not sure why. But there are some big states and cities where ferrets are illegal. Such as New York City, Hawaii, California, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., etc.

If you bring a ferret there, you can face some legal issues; they might even confiscate your pet from you.

Some Notes about Ferrets 

Some pointers I would like to give you about the adorable animals.

  • For your ferret, purchase a hammock. As well as getting lazy sometimes, they love to lounge around.
  • Weight your dishes when serving food; otherwise, they may knock them over.
  • Make sure they always have clean water on hand, or else they’ll fall ill easily.
  • Natural instincts tell them to prey on smaller animals since they are carnivorous. Consequently, small birds, reptiles, and rabbits should not be near them.
  • Children enjoy their company. They can handle your information, but do not leave them unattended.
  • Every two to three months, they need to take a bath. Do not bathe them if they smell really bad; instead, live with the smell or talk to your vet.
  •  Don’t feed them dairy products or vegetables.

What are the things I should purchase after getting a ferret?

After buying a ferret, it’s essential to get:

  • A piece of cage
  • Food bowl
  • Box or little pan
  • Bottle/water bowl
  • Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Sufficient amounts of food
  • Toys and bedding

How much does a ferret cage cost?

Depending on the type and size of the carpet, the price is likely to range from $80 up to $360.

What are the popular toys of a ferret?

Ferrets are very intelligent and enjoy playing with something. There are some specific toys that you should provide from the following options:

  • Softballs ($3 to $12)
  • Tunnel tubes for small animals ($5 to $15)
  • Hammocks online ($7 to $23)

Is it allowed to have a ferret as a pet?

Depending on the situation. There are some areas that have banned this cute-looking animal because of certain reasons. Therefore, before you purchase a ferret, it is crucial that you determine whether or not your local law allows ferrets.

How much is the medical cost of a ferret?

In a short reply, you have to spend approximately $25 to $50 or so.

Final Thoughts

Having a pet is one of the best experiences you can ever have in your life, no matter how much they cost. Having a good sense of responsibility makes you a better person. It is truly a fulfilling experience, and the feeling of being able to love something without reservation is beyond words that can describe just how precious the experience is.

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