How Much Does A Grand Piano Cost?

Your passion for your music life is at the heart of your decision to purchase a grand piano for a musical instrument gallery. What is the price of a grand piano? Is the investment worth it? Basically, how much does one cost if you want one.

A table will show the different types and price ranges of grand pianos discussed in this article. Let’s get to our main point without further ado.

How Much is a Grand Piano?

Getting some assistance from an expert in your genre could be a good idea if you’re a complete beginner. Because he or they can assist you in choosing a piano that falls within your budget (if you have one).

But if you’ve been playing music for some time and want to expand your expertise, you can check the features directly. You can then check the price of your investment after you have chosen the piano for your practice.

You will find a price comparison table below to ensure your maximum assistance. Get an overview of the grand piano price with this tool.

Grand Piano Price Comparison Table (Brand-wise)

Musicians rarely find quality grand pianos manufactured by many companies. It was our goal to identify the two most popular types of a grand piano. Our research extends to some degree to the prices of pianos from different brands.

As you can see from the table below, we have presented a comparison table (price) for you in order for you to choose a grand piano that fits within your budget before making a purchase. Let’s discuss some fundamental facts about pianos first, then examine the price table.

Grand Piano Prices Comparison Table


Brand Name

Baby Grand

Concert Grand

Young Chang















Mason & Hamlin


















There are some brands of grand piano that are more affordable than others.  

Furthermore, if you have ever used a musical instrument, you know that it cannot be played without being tuned. Hence, keeping the piano tuning cost in mind after you buy a grand piano is necessary.

When tuning your piano, take expert help, because the instrument may not function properly without it. Let’s try to understand the reasons behind piano prices being so high.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Grand Piano

Grand pianos are priced based on several factors. In order to better understand each, let us discuss them individually. This course gives you a broad understanding of grand pianos that will also help you choose the right one. Let’s look at them first.

Size of the Grand Piano

When buying a grand piano, size is the most important factor. Choosing the best one is difficult if you have no actual idea about it. Sometimes the price depends on the size of the piano.

An average grand piano from any reputed brand that measures 63 inches or 1.6 meters long would cost $35k on average. In order to get to 79-inches or 2-meters, you would need to invest approximately $20,000.  

Color of the Grand Piano

Anywhere you want to keep a piano, they will always occupy an open space. Choosing the right color for your piano is very important, so you should consider it seriously. You should choose the color and polish of the best quality. The color will last for years on your piano.

Parts and Materials of the Grand Piano

This section is significant if you are unfamiliar with the materials and parts that are used to produce quality pianos. Please keep reading it carefully.

Hard & softwood, metal, and felts are used to construct the pianos. These materials’ quality will determine the price.

The most popular woods are ebony, maple wood, mahogany, and spruce out of hundreds of different types of wood. To build the highest quality pianos, pre-processed wood is needed. We harvest, air-dry, and transport the products.

These processes are costly and time-consuming. The quality of wood will not be as good as it would be if it was properly processed.

Besides wood, hammers are made from wool felt, leather, cast iron plates, and well-finished keytops. A piano music experience must be as high quality as possible.

Age and Condition of the Grand Piano

First of all, pianos are highly durable musical instruments that can last for many years to come. A piano with good care can even last for over a hundred years, provided it is well taken care of. As long as the piano is in good condition, then the price will be higher than that of the other one. In order to check if the quality is good, you need to do it yourself or take expert help from someone who knows the subject completely.

Budget You Need to Buy the Grand Piano

The subject is not worth discussing. Seek help from experts you don’t understand. Find out how much you need to spend on a quality piano by reviewing our price comparison. Price does matter because grand pianos are expensive. You are not going to buy often.

Why Are Grand Pianos Expensive Compared to Others?

On different online communities, including our website, we get this particular question a lot. They want to know why the price is higher than that of other musical instruments in the industry.

The price of pianos is directly related to their size, shape, and materials. We can only tell you that pianos aren’t just musical instruments. As a result, people don’t buy grand pianos very often, and that’s the reason behind it. Only people who love music or who have a music theater at home or in their shows buy grand pianos.

Other things people should know are that high-quality woods are used to make the pianos, including spruce and tough rock maple. It is important to note that all pianos are built from the best materials available. A good hammer and high quality keys will give the best sound.

An additional factor for the higher price of a grand piano is the construction. A quality piano requires a lot of dedication and hard work. It is possible that the build quality won’t be up to par if the instrument will not bring better sound. Without giving better sound, you won’t be able to play it comfortably.

You should choose quality grand pianos for your practice and learning if you’re a beginner. Don’t delay and ensure a smooth and professional learning experience. You’ll get the best quality sound from the best products.

Different types of Grand Pianos

As far as I am concerned, there are mainly two types of pianos that you can find on the market today. In order to prevent making you confused by mentioning only two primary types out of all of them, we are trying to help you avoid confusion. Let’s learn more about them first and check them out.

What is a Concert Grand Piano?

Most concert grand pianos are made for various brands whose shows are performed in theatres. Concert grand is defined the same way everywhere. When it was first built, it served mainly as concert halls and places to watch shows together.

Generally, concert grand pianos range from $20000 – $300000. The average concert grand piano measures between seven and ten feet. As you can see in the table, the price can be found there. Depending on your budget, you can find the right one.

What is the Baby Grand Piano?

This type of piano is known for its smaller size and is more compact than the traditional grand piano. Five to six foot baby grand pianos are available. The differences in price between different piano brands range from $13000 to $135000. We have put together a comparison table to help you better understand grand piano prices. It’s worth a look.

Final Words

The cost of a grand piano has been described in detail here to help you decide. In case you’ve read the whole article, you’ll understand. We discussed several points in this article that you might have missed. Read them again and concentrate. I am sure you will understand.

When you invest your money, remember that it is your money. Make sure you choose the right one. We can only guide you to selecting the perfect grand piano for you using the guidelines on this page. Here is a post showing the price of grand pianos to aid you in determining an approximate price. Everything you need to know has already been shared.

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