How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

It’s on many of our bucket lists to take a hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloons fly so beautifully that even the sight of one is captivating. Yet, how much are hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons are expensive, usually costing more than $25,000 to $40,000 per balloon. Several factors determine the price change. It is possible to save even more money if you purchase a used hot air balloon.

I was always fascinated by hot air balloons as a kid. Because of this, I have had to read a thing or two to learn everything. If you want to learn more, read the whole article.

Why Is It Called A Hot Air Balloon?

A balloon flies because of the hot air. There is a big bag covering the container of the aircraft which is known as an envelope. Heat makes the envelope buoyant, which enables the aircraft to float by creating pressure inside.

How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

Hot air balloons are expensive, so you should be prepared to spend a lot! I was shocked when I saw the price, and I’m not even kidding.

In other words, how much does it cost to buy a hot air balloon? New hot air balloons usually cost around $30,000. Usually, a balloon of this kind will cost you around $30,000. There is a wide range in price depending on the size of the envelope, the number of people the basket can hold, and the equipment the basket is equipped with.

How Much Does A Used Hot Air Balloon Cost?

If you do not want to spend a lot on a new hot air balloon, you can save some money by purchasing a used one. Used hot air balloons cost differently depending on their use.

Still, hot air balloons will cost you much less if you buy a used one, with an average price of $10,000 or so.  After 300 hours of flight, the balloon’s envelope will lose its strength.

How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Ride Cost?

The cost depends on the following factors:

  • Number of people
  • Time of the week/year
  • Type of the weather
  • Your location
  • How long the ride is

The price of hot air balloon rides varies according to where they are taken. If you want to ride wherever you like, it usually costs between $139 and $250 per person, depending on where you want to go.

The ride can cost $300-$450 depending on the factors listed above. In a less popular area and on a weekday, the price is less. However, many places offer discounts to groups who ride together. In other words, if you want to save a few bucks, be sure to choose carefully your riding options.

Where Can I Find Hot Air Balloon Deals?

It is not difficult to find a good hot air balloon ride deal. A special discount is always available. However, in order to make things easier for you, here are a few hot air balloon deals I’ve found:

New York (Value $275)

  • From Hudson Valley Enchanted Balloon Tours
  • One hour ride
  • $226 per person

Los Angeles (Value $270)

  • From Adventure Balloon Rides
  • Any flight day
  • Half an hour to one hour ride
  • $135 per person
  • Breakfast voucher and pastries are provided during the ride

Chicago (Value $275)

  • From Chicago Balloon Rides Off
  • 3.5 hours ride
  • $199 per person

Last Vegas (Value $275)

  • From Vegas Balloon Rides
  • One hour ride
  • Includes post-ride champagne toast
  • $139 per person for sunrise view

Orlando (Value $250)

  • From Orlando Balloon Rides
  • One hour ride
  • Includes champagne toast
  • $139 per person
  • Monday to Friday morning

Albuquerque (Value $199)

  • From World Balloon
  • One hour ride
  • $142 per person
  • Includes champagne and snacks

You might not always get the same value for your rides and deals. As a result of the pandemic caused by Covid19, many of these treatments aren’t available. The Groupon website, however, makes it easy to find local deals near you.

Reasons Why Hot Air Balloon Rides Are So Expensive

Hot air balloon rides can be quite expensive for a number of reasons:

Cost Of The Hot Air Balloons:

A hot air balloon is a crazy expensive thing to buy. An average hot air balloon of this size can cost anywhere between $30k and $40k. It is needed, for example, to spend about $60-80,000 to have balloons that can be used to fly more than one person at a time. Due to these reasons, to make a proper profit, the price of the rides has increased.


A hot air balloon is also required to have insurance just like a car. Hot air balloons carry passengers, so if you own one, you are flying riders in it.

It’s not exactly any better to go hundreds of feet above ground. Consequently, let the insurance company cover any unfortunate events that may occur.


Business purposes will bring more frequent use of the balloon. A hard landing can damage the basket faster, so you need to maintain the various parts regularly. As well as fuel costs, yearly inspections are also costly.


Without employees, a business cannot function. Pilots are required to fly hot air balloons.

There will be other crew members you need besides a pilot. Keeping track of finances and flights also requires employees. This is why more things get added to the expenses.

Extra Services:

Champagne and snacks are usually served during the air balloon rides. The drinks and foods are not free, and the price of the ride includes the cost of the drinks and foods.

How To Buy A Hot Air Balloon?

If you want your money to be worth spending on a balloon, there are a few things you need to consider. As follows:

  • Purchase a balloon of your choice. Different types of them are used for different purposes.
  • You can then choose a design or color. Is it better to use red, yellow, or blue? The design could be printed if you prefer.
  • Once you’ve chosen your balloon, you’ll have to choose all of its accessories. For business meetings, having a list prepared beforehand can be helpful.
  • Baskets are available in many different types, just like envelopes. In general, the basket size will depend on how many people are riding.
  • Having decided everything, sign the purchase agreement and make the deposit.


Despite the fact that hot air balloon rides may seem scary and dangerous, they are actually much safer than car or bus rides. A balloon ride is a very unlikely place for unexpected events to occur.

The chances are that an accident occurs when bad weather conditions prevail. So I suggest that you go for a ride when the weather is nice.

Well, how long would you like it to be? One to three hours typically are spent on a hot air balloon ride. It can be fun to ride a long distance if you’re up to it. The downside is that if you are not used to heights, you might not last long.

First-time riders should go on short rides. By doing so, you will be able to discover if you like it. It’s sometimes a 4- to 5-hour ride.

Several things determine how long the ride will be, such as the number of people riding with you. Aside from the weather, the location is also important. Rides may cost between $200 and $300 per person, depending on the circumstances. The price of renting a longer-term apartment might be $500-$400 per person.

Hot air balloon ride companies sometimes offer riding packages. An air balloon ride for a couple can cost anywhere between $500 and $600. You can expect to pay between $800 and $1,000 per couple in locations that charge more for rides or offer extra offers.


What is the price of a hot air balloon? I hope this answers your question.The question of “has been thoroughly answered. A hot air balloon ride is one of the most thrilling experiences one can have. There are, however, times when they do not come for free.

I recommend that you look for weekday deals if you’re looking to save some money. Make sure to consult an expert before you purchase a hot air balloon.

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