How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?

The hoverboard is a levitating board used for personal transportation. Original inspiration for these boards came from science-fiction stories that offer you an entirely new way of seeing and experiencing motion. This fun ride can keep you active and give you a fun ride. What is the price of a hoverboard?

The average cost of a hoverboard starts at $100 and usually stays below $250. A high-end brand can cost even more. Depending on the hoverboard’s speed, type, and details, it may cost as much as $850.

It can be confusing to know how much a hoverboard costs these days, because a hoverboard is widely available in shops and online. Buying a hoverboard can also be a bit confusing since many people don’t know what to look for.

Understanding your needs and then searching for hoverboards that meet them is the first step to finding out how much a hoverboard costs.

Purchasing a hoverboard at a perfect price is the subject of this article if you want to know what to look for.

What Aspects Have An Impact on Hoverboard Prices?

The answer to the question of how much does a hoverboard cost is that there are a variety of factors that play a significant role in determining the price of your hoverboard. The sheer number of considerations involved with buying a hoverboard can be overwhelming to prospective purchasers.

Many aspects of hoverboards are similar, but different aspects may affect the price.

Hoverboard prices are affected by the lack of features and the lack of technology. In most cases, there is a combination of the following:

  • Type of hoverboard
  • Motor size
  • Battery
  • Weight capacity
  • Path range
  • Speed range

The Type Of Hoverboard You Choose

One of the factors that impact the cost is the kind of hoverboard you buy. Such as-

Hoverboards with classic 6.5-inch wheels are a classic type of hoverboard. There is no intelligent balance mode on its body. The gyroscopes in this hoverboard allow the user to keep their balance and move around. The hoverboards cost moderately less and range from $100 to $300.

Motors on these hoverboards are stronger off-road. There is a difference between 8 and 9 inches between the wheels. Hoverboards such as these can handle almost anything and are perfect for heavier riders. $349-$500 will be the price for this hoverboard.

The self-balancing hoverboard is one of the most expensive and automated types of hoverboards, and it can cost over $600. Using the edge of this hoverboard will make it self-balancing. It maintains a parallel alignment regardless of whether a rider is on the board. Utilizing the gyroscope internal to the device, it compensates for tilt.

Hoverboard’s Motor Size

As a buyer, you’re probably going to pay attention to the motor size first, since that’s one of the most important things to consider. The average wattage is used to classify the sizes of motors.

Some vendors attempt to mislead buyers by stating the maximum wattage. The number of watts required is proportional to the user’s weight. Here’s a brief rundown of what we recommend:

Dual 100w Motors (200 Watts): Suitable for kids, but not really the best for teens. There is only one range that is recommended for people weighing less than 90 pounds. Below $200 is the price range.

Double 200 W motors (400 W): Ideal for a wide range of riders! Due to its weight capacity of 200 pounds. This size would be best for those weighing less than 175 pounds for optimal performance. In general, this motor size seems to have the best battery life and is most commonly used.  

Due to the larger tire size, dual 250w motors (500 Watts) are often seen in all off-road hoverboards due to the higher wattage needed. Motors of this size will always be powered by a 36v battery. Low-end brands typically make the mistake of not charging their batteries in time. Therefore, when buying a hoverboard with these motors, look for high-end brands, which might mean spending $700-$800.

Voltage Of Batteries

Motors require a voltage that is compatible with the batteries. A particular battery’s cost goes up due to the connection. Generally speaking, hoverboard batteries should only be charged at two voltage levels:

The 24V battery is an excellent option if you have motors rated at 200W or less, because it is the most cost-effective one. In addition, it is the smallest size we recommend.

A battery set with fewer cells will not be able to sustain the motor if one of the batteries fails. Batteries for these hoverboards cost less than $200.

A 36V battery is perfect for motors with 250W or more power. There is a noticeable difference in the size of this battery. The motor generally needs to be combined with a higher wattage motor in order to be as efficient as possible. Hoverboards with this battery cost from $180.00 to $250.00 directly from the company.

The Weight Capacity Of A Hoverboard

The heavier the load, the more robust the construction will have to be. A better construction will require a higher price. Hoverboards with a higher weight capacity are available less expensively from some companies. You can always find out more from customer reviews in these cases.

The size of the motor determines how much weight it can support. However, if the hoverboard’s weight limit is not specified, you can follow the following procedure-

  • Dual 100W for 90 pounds or less
  • Dual 200 W for less than 200 pounds.
  • Dual 250 watts for 280 pounds or less

Range The Hoverboard Can Go

Generally speaking, hoverboards can travel from three to seven miles on a single charge, but this element needs to be checked for top-notch performance. Buying a hoverboard for $299 gets you 12 miles of use on one charge.

Battery life is an important factor for hoverboards that are capable of traveling long distances. Which will require you to invest heavily in high-quality brands.

The Speed Range Of A Hoverboard

The hoverboard usually reaches speeds between 5 and 8 mph and costs between $299 and $399. A medium range is preferred by most people. While riding on a hoverboard, the speed seems considerably quicker than it is.

This is due to the fact that hoverboards are very low to the floor and need you to bend forward to make them move; the leaning element actually feels much quicker! For children under the age of nine, a 5mph speed is recommended.

Wheel Sizes

The price of your hoverboard will also be determined by the wheels. 6.5 and 8 inch wheels are available in most versions. Wheels can be set up in various ways.

Larger wheels cause the ground to become bumpier. Extra-large wheels, usually $400-$500, are designed for off-road use. It is only possible to find a 7/8-inch range suitable for 30-degree slopes over $400.

Special Features That Might Hike The Price Of Your Hoverboard

In the following list, you will find great features that many expensive hoverboards have, which could raise the price. Make sure your hoverboard has these features to match your personality!

In addition to the LED lights on the wheels, there are LED headlights as well. It might cost a little more to add these to your hoverboard.

Depending on the type of hoverboard, some come with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to enjoy music while riding it. Your ride will surely take on an interesting touch when you listen to music without being connected. In high-end hoverboards, these components are usually found at prices ranging from $300 to $850.

This feature allows you to navigate through your phone. For this feature, you will have to choose high-end brands that will require you to spend more

Training Modes: These modes are for beginners who are still getting used to being on hoverboards. They are not available on every hoverboard and can cost you more if you wish to have them on your hoverboard.

Water-resistance: Very few brands of hoverboards come with this feature. So they come at a price a bit higher than the classic hoverboards. These are also hard to find.


In case you can find a good deal that fits your budget, a hoverboard can be a lot of fun and prove to be very beneficial for you. You should always keep in mind that the answer to “how much does a hoverboard cost” depends on what features are more important to you, whether it is the battery life range or the pace. Moreover, you may want to consider whether the price is worth the extra features. Then, you can compare the prices and choose the hoverboard that fits your needs after compiling a list of specifications.

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