How Much Does A Perm Cost?

What is one fashion trend that you never seem to tire of? The sport is curling. There will always be someone rocking a curly hair style, whether it’s the 60s, 90s, or current. Then why wouldn’t it be? I love how it turned out! Do you have curly hair if you were not born with it? It’s alright, boo; I got you.

You can solve your problem by getting your hair permed. It’s tough enough to maintain curly hair already; how much would it cost to perm it? The type of perm you want will depend on several factors including the salon’s quality, the products used in the process, etc. You can expect to pay between $60 and $250 for that.

How Much Does a Perm Cost?

Several factors determine the answer, such as the quality of the salon, the products used in the process, the type of perm you want, etc. You can expect to pay between $60 and $250 for that. Plus, it certainly will cost more to commit to it and keep it up afterward.

What Is a Perm?

A perm is a modification for your hair, just like any other modification. You will be having your hair altered by your hairstylist using chemicals. Alternatively, loose waves can curl spontaneously. According to your needs, it varies.

No, it’s not a permanent thing. Perms tend to fade in effect in about 6 months or so.

How Much Does a Perm Cost at a Salon?

It is also dependent on the salon itself. The cost can be $200 to $250 at a salon that offers premium services. A salon that isn’t a high-end salon, however, then you can cut corners in $50 to $100. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. There are a ton of attributes that play a significant role in altering that number.

What Are the Types of the Perm?

The types of perms you can get must be familiar to you before you get your hair permed. Your face shape and personality will dictate what style suits you best. What exactly are the types of perm?

Spot Perm

Perm spots first to make things softer. Spot perms are exactly what the name implies. They are a type where you get a perm hair section on more than one area of your head. In case you are already curly but need a boost in some areas, this is for you.

Perms with spots are very popular with boys. What is the price of a male perm? It isn’t much. Especially compared to someone with long, thick hair on her head. The price can range between $50 and $150 for boys.

Spot perm is a good choice if you need some volume in some areas.

Body Waves

You can use this kind of perm for any purpose. When you are unsure about getting your hair permed, you should try this one. It almost has a beachy wave look but is a little tighter.

At this point, you may be wondering how much a perm costs on long hair? Shorthairs pay more than those with long hair, and that’s a real bummer. You can expect to pay between $60 and $150 if you have long hair, more if you opt for high-end services and products.

Spiral Perm

When people are discussing perms, this is the one that pops into their head. I think spiral perms are so elegant and fashionable, if you do them right. The most intimidating type of perm is also this one. Making peace with the perm takes a lot of effort. It gives your hair a tightly coiled look all over and looks like spirals.

The rods are aligned vertically in this type, and each rod pulls little pieces of hair, almost like corkscrews.

With this kind of complicated style, questions may arise, such as: What is a perm cost for medium hair? Honestly, spiral curls look best with medium- to short-length hair. The cost ranges from 90 to 200 dollars. Why don’t you tell me what you think? What a great deal.

Pin Curl

There is nothing more iconic than pin curls. You should wear it if you’re a short-haired diva. Make your short hair look amazing with pin curls. Initial appearances are loose circles of curls pinned.

Do short hair perms cost more than long hair perms? As a short haired person, you will have a lower expense. Try counting some bills between $50 and $100, and you should be all right.

That’s it for now. Almost every curl type is represented by those.

How Should You Care for a Perm?

Your perm is now complete. That’s all I have to say now, don’t you? The hair you have just permed is still in need of proper care and maintenance for the duration. As a result, your hair won’t have that amazing curl; worse yet, it’ll be damaged beyond repair.

Don’t wash your hair within 48 hours of getting a perm. When your hair comes into contact with water, it will instantly rot, and the style will not last.

Let It Air Dry

Your hair can be rinsed with water and mild shampoo after 48 hours. It’s best to use a shampoo specially formulated for permed hair. Once your hair has been air dried, let it dry naturally. Hairdryers can damage your hair because of their heat. Use the dryer, but switch the air temperature to cold if you really need to hurry.

You Don’t Need to Wash Your Hair Every Day

To get rid of dirt and oil from your hair, it’s often said that you have to wash it every day. A professional who actually attended hair school can tell you otherwise. If you do that, you are likely to get dandruff and lose a lot of hair, since it removes all the natural oils from your scalp.

We thank Brad Mondo for sharing all this hair care knowledge. His professionalism makes him trustworthy.

Use Heat Styling in Moderation

Our hair is styled for different occasions, so we all love doing it. Heat styling is something many of us do quite frequently. It requires a lot of effort to do that to your hair, but I am sure you know the damage that does to it. The damage is even greater after you get your hair permed.

You shouldn’t use a flat iron until you know what the temperature is. The temperature should not exceed 450 degrees F. If you don’t, it will fry your hair, and the heat may cause permanent damage.

Hydrate Your Hair

Because a lot of chemicals went on your hair while perming, it did strip your hair a lot. I am not going to lie; getting a perm is pretty damaging. But, the damage can be reversed. Or at least treated a little bit.

Invest in hydrating hair masks – masks enriched with proteins and keratin. Since your hair is made up of a lot of protein, it will benefit from adding protein, since keratin strengthens that.

Eggs, Greek yogurt, and avocados can be used in a mask for natural solutions. As long as your hair enjoys the pampering, you shouldn’t be scared of the smell. Keep your hair healthy by enduring it. Beautiful things hurt.

Use a Diffuser

The diffuser is a magic tool for curly hair. While effectively drying the hair, it secures it in place. A messy look can result if curly hair is not dried properly or treated properly.

Using a diffuser is an aid to that problem.

Quality Products

Yes, maintaining a permanent hairstyle can be costly. To maintain it after you have it permed, you need a quality product. A lot of trial and error is required to find the best drug store products. Don’t hesitate to do this if you are able to devote that much time.

As a result, high-quality products are rarely very inexpensive. Reading the ingredients carefully is important. Get some quality products by learning about them.

I’m a Guy, Can I Get a Perm?

Is there a reason not to? My dude, of course you can. No matter how short your hair is, you can perm it. It’s not uncommon for dudes to get perms for a naturally curly look, and guess what happens? That’s great for girls!

How much does a perm cost for guys?

The same applies to girls. Discrimination is not present. The cost can even be lower than for girls. Getting your hair done will cost you between $50 and $150 for average guy hair.

Final Words

Now that you know how much a perm costs, what do you think? It is a fashionable choice if you have confidence to have a perm. Curly hair is something I want to try myself as well.

You don’t need a special occasion to get it done. Boring hair is not worth living. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Perm, color, or do whatever you want, but be sure to have fun.

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