How Much Does A Shopping Cart Cost?

You have probably used a shopping cart to pick and keep things in a super store such as Walmart, Kroger, or Albertsons. Shopping carts appear to be a simple tool, but they are not.

Additionally, it may seem overwhelmingly surprising to you how much a shopping cart costs since it is often more than we anticipate.  

Therefore, today, we will discuss some interesting and unknown facts about shipping cart costs.

So, let’s begin.

A Brief History of Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a familiar object to us, but how many of us are familiar with its history? I guess there aren’t many. I admit that even a week ago, I was on the same level as you.

So, it’s better to put some light on the topic first.

Shopping trolleys are sometimes called shopping carts as well. Customers typically receive the carts from supermarkets within the store’s grounds. During their walk through the store with their carts, customers place their purchased merchandise on the carts before heading to the billing counter.

Customers can easily pick goods from the carts in the parking lot of some supermarkets, and the carts can be kept in the vehicles. In this case, a serviceman from the shop will return the cart to its location.

Humpty Dumpty Supermarket in Oklahoma used a shopping cart for the first time in 1937. Invented by Sylvan Goldman, owner of the supermarket, the shopping cart was a convenient way for customers to move freely inside the store.

In order to build a cart, he added wheels on the legs as well as a basket. He worked with a mechanic to bring the idea to life as a metal cart.

How much Does A Shopping Cart Cost?

Shopping carts range greatly in cost, thanks to the array of features, designs, and conveniences. In general, a shopping cart will cost you around $75 to $150 on average. Carts have a simple design, but this is an expensive option.

The cost of a high-end shopping trolley can, however, reach as much as $400. They can be found in expensive supermarkets with some added features.

However, you can also find plastic baskets at some supermarkets. Costs range from $25 to $40 on average.

Reasons for Shopping Cart Expensive Pricing

Shops use expensive carts to pick up merchandise products. Where do they get their high prices from? Reasons for this may include:

  • To prevent corrosion, stainless steel is used in most shopping carts. A steel of such high quality contributes to the pricing.
  • Likewise, cart designers strive to make the cart as mobile as possible with the least effort from the customer. This kind of cart isn’t cheap to design.
  • Furthermore, the plastics that are used on the carts’ upper head and sometimes on their handles further intensify the cost of the carts.

Problems with Shopping Cart Pricing

Due to the high cost of shopping carts, many supermarkets today are facing practical problems with them.

They encounter their first problem when carts are stolen from within and outside of the facility. Approximately $800 million in shopping cart cost equivalent to theft is estimated throughout the world each year. Our expectations were much higher than they turned out to be.

The supermarkets suffer a significant loss as a result of this. Furthermore, since the carts are handled rough, their wheels wear out before they are supposed to.  

In recent years, supermarkets have developed several unique methods of preventing trolley theft.  

Electronic and magnetic strips are used by authorities. The authorities can put the cart to use by allowing it to go to the parking lot, where customers typically pick up their groceries. merchandise in their vehicle. After that, the carts are electronically locked and are limited to leaving the designated area. It prevents theft.

You can sometimes take your carts from one supermarket to another within a limited range from their location. Customers who arrive without a vehicle are helped to maintain their merchandise until they reach home. By paying a low fee to service providers, these supermarkets then use ‘cart retrieval service’ to get the carts back to their premises.

Stores sometimes use vertical posts at their entrances. A cart cannot leave the store premises because of the obstruction.


This is our conclusion regarding the costing of a shopping cart. An average cart may cost $75-$150, whereas the most expensive can cost $400. The high price of this tool makes it an attractive target for thieves. The theft cart industry is estimated to cost $800 million worldwide. In order to prevent theft, supermarkets use various techniques. They are also limited by the pricing of the carts from making changes even when necessary.

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