How Much Does An Ounce Of Weed Cost? | Updated (2021)

When it comes to determining the price of weed, the quality and the places where you are shopping are the most important factors. It’s for this reason that if states or countries legalize marijuana, the prices will be lower than if it’s illegal.

Now let’s discuss the price of an ounce of weed. New York City’s average price for an ounce of marijuana is $400. Based on the sample of 22,258, the high-quality weed is about $400, while the medium-quality weed costs about $305.

There are exceptions, such as if you buy a large amount of weed and it’s supported by your state. In the upcoming sections, we’ll discuss some other things related to the price.

Price Of One Ounce Of Weed On The Street

We must say that this varies depending on where you will buy from. There are many states and cities in the US where one gram of weed costs on average $20. You can also find streets that only charge $8.

So, if you get it at a lower cost, you don’t have to pay a higher rate. It will cost about $100 on the street for a gram of weed if it costs $20 on the street. But the prices vary as well from state to state and county to county.

For instance, in the United Arab Emirates, there is a cost of up to $110 per ounce. It is also important to keep in mind that supply and demand affect the value of street weed.

Prices Of One Ounce Weed In The US Cities/States

Nearly half of the states in the US have legalized cannabis in one form or another. As a result, there is a large variation in weed prices between states.

Cannabis is also a controversial topic due to its legality and the illegal nature of its use. Let’s see the different prices of weed in some of the US cities and states:

New York

Marijuana laws are strictly enforced in this city. In this city, it costs a lot of money to get quality weed. As a result, Trans-High Market quotes $400 for a single ounce of high-grade marijuana.

But, it’s about $305 one ounce of weed if you want a medium grade product.


California legalized marijuana first, so you’ll find a lot of cannabis here. The cost of high-quality weed in Los Angeles is $310. San Francisco’s price is about $300.

Weed Prices In Some Other Cities

There are higher prices in Texas, about $400 for an ounce of high-quality marijuana. There is weed in Florida for $262.70 per ounce. An expensive one costs $350 to $400.

Marijuana is socially acceptable in Colorado state. Additionally, this state has a lower price for high-quality weed; it is as low as $220 for an ounce.


There are a few different answers to the equation of how much weed cost per ounce. As well as grams, pounds, and kilos, there are other measurements.

But, you need to get a solid grip on the weed prices in your region if you won’t buy it in higher quantities.

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