How Much Does It Cost To Dye Your Hair?

There is no doubt that dying your hair is a great way to change your appearance. Several people prefer to wear wigs, use temporary hair sprays or chalks, while others choose to dye their hair rather than wear wigs. If you are considering dyeing your hair, you need to consider the cost of the service before you begin.

Depending on how you plan on this, you will need anywhere from $5 to $20 if you plan on using box dye at home. It will cost anywhere between $50 and $400 to dye the hair professionally, but the average cost may be quite a bit higher. Depending on the length and style of your hair, the health and the level of your hair, the average price will differ. 

At a salon, dyeing your hair is a very pricey affair. There are many people who choose box dyes over salons, and many who still choose box dyes. The following article will give you clarity concerning what you ought to do if you are still confused about the subject.

Throughout this article, you will be reading about how much it costs to dye your hair in detail and how much you should expect to pay. 

How Much Does It Cost To Dye Your Hair?

Each style of hair dyeing at a salon has a different price. Furthermore, your hair length matters a great deal. 

Hair dyeing prices are determined by factors such as:

The Length of Your Hair 

You’ll pay more for coloring your hair if your hair is long and thick. The procedure will require more product if you have longer or thicker hair. 

The Hair Level 

Levels determine the color of your hair. The total number of levels is 11. Level one is black hair, the deepest hair color. You are at level 11 have platinum blonde, the lightest hair color. The hair level makes the dyeing process either easy or difficult.

Level 11 is platinum blonde and the process is very hard, costly, and time-consuming if you have black hair. You will need at least five bleaching sessions, and after each session your hair should rest for two to three weeks. It will take at least 3 months to complete.

The hairstylist will have to lift and tone your hair to achieve a platinum finish if you have level 9 hair, very light blonde hair, and want to go platinum. Comparatively speaking, it’s faster and cheaper. 

For pricing, the quality of your hair and your desired finish are most important. 

The Condition of Your Hair 

You are considered to be the base of the hairstyles by hair stylists. If the base cannot be painted, then the appropriate measures will be taken to prepare the outside of the house. If you have dye that has not been completely removed from your hair, your stylist will have to remove it first. The person will do spot removal, make the base as even as possible, and then proceed to the coloring process. This is what they do if you have splotches all over your hair.

There may be a case where you do not require any of these services if your hair is healthy and virgin black or brown. This will result in a much lower cost of hair dyeing on an average in your case.

In addition to these factors, you should choose a style that will fit your personality.  

Some of the most popular hair coloring styles and their prices are given below:

Single Process Hair Color

Hair color done through a single process is one where you use the same color on Usually, during the course of this process, all that Because of this, it is also the cheapest option available when it comes to coloring your hair. cheapest hair coloring option available. Since it does not require bleaching or lifting, it is also the least damaging to your hair. 

A single hair colour can cost anywhere from $35 to $100, depending on the length of your hair. For single-process hair color, midrange salons can charge between $50 and $70, while chain salons can charge $35 and up.   

Uniform hair color is not liked by many as it seems too boring. But high-end salons usually mix 3-4 different shades of the same color to create dimension and vividness in the color. 

Double Process Hair Color

Your stylist will lighten your hair first before applying a lighter shade to it, so you will need more time to lighten your hair. In the case where your stylist is managing your hair and you have level 1 black hair, then she will lighten your hair in sections in order to apply the color efficiently. It is estimated that double process hair color can cost anywhere between $100 and $175. 

For those who want to go a couple of shades lighter, or to achieve a more vibrant color, e.g. amber red, a double processing can be done. Because a double process requires very little lifting, it can be completed in one session, due to its simplicity.   

Color Correction 

Color correction has the advantage of being relatively cheaper as it does not require as much work. In order to make blonde hair appear icy, color correction is usually performed to get rid of the yellowness present in blonde hair. In addition to evening out your hair color, it can also be done in order to add color to your hair. 

The average cost of color correction is $100 and more. For root touch-ups, you will need to pay $25 and more depending on the length of the newly grown hair and the severity of the situation. 

The reason for this is if your hair has a light brown color, but your black hair is growing out, you can get root touch-ups to make the entire hair look one color. You can also receive a spot treatment if there are deeper spots that have not received the same amount of hair. Blonde hair people, too, are inclined to touch their roots up from time to time. 


The highlight style is one of the most popular styles among women. There are many reasons why people choose to highlight their hair in order to give their hair depth and definition. Taking advantage of this method will allow you to make your hair appear lighter without actually having to use a lot of bleach.

There may be an additional charge of between $45 and $55 for a partial highlight in medium or long hair. A set of highlights that cover all the hair will usually cost you between $80 and $100 depending on the area. Babylights are likely to cost between $125 and $225. For highlights, you could expect to pay anywhere between $175 and $350 depending on the length of your hair. 

In spite of the fact that highlights do not require a lot of effort, they are still quite a daunting process. In order to highlight a section of hair, your stylist will handpick it and then lighten it with a spotlight. After the strands and sections are carefully selected, we lighten the strands until the result is not too prominent once sorted. 


In addition to highlights, you can also have balyage. It is a French hairhighlighting style that uses much larger sections of hair than usual. In order to ensure that the highlights do not stand out, the hair stylist needs to follow an intricate process that may sound easy on the surface, but is actually quite complex. Especially with bigger highlighted strands, it is easier to not blend and stand out.

In general, balayage treatments are priced between $150 and $200. It is likely that you will need to pay at least $200 if you have to pay additional charges. 

It comes at a high price since it is an extremely time intensive and complicated procedure that requires considerable experience and skill. 


There are also some similarities between Ombre hair coloring and highlighting hair. Unlike most other hair removal products, it doesn’t just touch the very top and ends of the hair. As soon as the ends of the hair are completely saturated, the treatment will be complete.

For a platinum ombre hair color, the starting price is $150. As the degree of difficulty increases, the price can go up, so it depends on the type of finish you want, the level of intricacy, and other adjustments. 

Factors That May Hike The Price

Hair coloring at a salon is quite expensive. But there are additional factors that can hike the price quite a lot. Here are some: 

The Salon 

Generally speaking, the price of hair dyeing varies greatly depending on the type of salon you choose. The price of a salon in a mall can and will be much higher than the price of a high-end salon. Aside from salons located within malls and other high-end venues, you can also find independent hair stylists who charge as per the requirements of the individual. 

There are high-end salons that have highly skilled individuals that are knowledgeable about all types of techniques for dyeing hair. On the other hand, mall salons hire hairstylists who receive the minimum training to receive a license. 

Aside from training, high-end salons often make their hair dye and their bleaching services are done with maximum care and consideration. However, many mall salons or local salons will rarely do the same but at a cheaper price. 

Freelance hair stylists often serve one client a day. It ensures maximum priority and attention for the client. And it also means you will need to pay quite a lot. 

Pre-dye hair care 

You may have your hair washed and conditioned by the stylist before coloring it. The combination of hair spa and hair wash in some salons will significantly increase the price. The cost of the wash will be $20 to $25. Some salons include this service as a complimentary one, while others may charge $15 to $20. 

Many salons also offer haircuts and trims together with hair coloring. It costs quite a bit now to get a haircut or a trim. Nonetheless, some salons will offer a $30-$40 additional hair trim to those who are interested. It is not recommended that you have an additional haircut if you have just had one. 

Hair Treatment 

You can expect to pay more for your hair depending on whether it’s in good condition. Before coloring, severely damaged hair needs to be treated with a hair treatment. Hair that is extremely distressed and dry will not be able to absorb the dye. Your hairstylist will therefore provide you with deep conditioning treatments and masks to strengthen your hair before you are able to receive permanent color.

If you have uneven color throughout your hair and want an even look, then it will cost more. This is different from a root touch-up. This type of mishap usually happens after a bad dye job from a stylist or a bad at-home dye experience.

By applying bleach or color remover, your stylist will be able to lighten the dark and deep areas of your hair. And then, once the hair has an even tone, they will proceed to the coloring job. Often stylists tone the hair before applying the dye to make the canvas more even. 

Most hair stylists charge on an hourly basis for fixing botched hair coloring jobs. On average you will need to pay $100 per hour, which is 2x of a single process hair color price. It is because fixing ruined hair takes a lot of time and patience. 

Post Coloring Hair Care 

The stylist will dry your hair once the coloring has been completed. It will not cost you extra to dry your hair, as it is a part of the coloring package. You will have to spend more if you desire a blowout. In order to receive a blowout, you will need to pay $45 or more. High-end salons may charge up to $90 for blowouts. 

Final Words 

It’s impossible for me to give you an exact figure when asked how much it costs to dye your hair. In general, the average cost of coloring hair varies from one customer to another, among different stylists. Doing a sufficient amount of research is our recommendation. You can ask your acquaintances if they have any recommendations for you.

Ask around and find out who the best stylist is at a high-end salon if you’re planning on visiting one. It is always a good idea to check out the portfolio of a freelance stylist you wish to hire before you make a decision. Consider contacting up to three stylists or salons at the same time and comparing their work with each other.  If you dye your hair wrongly, it will lead to additional costs such as removal costs or re-dying costs, so don’t waste your money on a bad dye job. Because of this reason, we recommend that instead of comparing prices, you should compare the quality of work provided by each stylist. 


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