How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Garage ?

The garage is often undervalued compared to other areas of the home. As a space used constantly, it should receive the same attention as other rooms. When treating this space, the use of material, its costs, and the best method to achieve a high-quality result must be taken into account.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been thinking it’s time to give your garage some TLC. Find out the cost of painting a garage and the options you have for achieving a high-quality finish. You’ll find all the details you need here before you start your adventure.

If you decide to paint your garage yourself or hire professionals, the cost will depend on the square meters. There is an average price range of $300 to $1500. Materials and labor may be included in that price. Professionals should be hired if the surface to be painted has special conditions of deterioration.

Painting A Garage 

There are certain factors you should consider if you wish to calculate the cost to paint a garage to be able to calculate the final price: Specifically, you should consider the following factors:

Hire professionals?

If you are painting a garage, this will be a decisive factor in determining the price. Professionals can do this job with or without many advantages and disadvantages.

Quality finishes are guaranteed with an experienced company. Aside from that, they will be more able to decide the type of paint and materials to use, and how to distribute and use them intelligently. Labor and effort will, however, be reflected in the price. Besides the materials, this will be a monetary amount.

To have an idea of the rates of private companies to paint garages, here we bring you this list: 

Labor: this price may vary from one painter to another. However, in most cases, the average price is around $25 – $45/hour. 

The size of the garage: generally, community garages are more expensive to paint than private garages. A garage painting will typically cost about $12 per square foot. In contrast, a private garage will generally cost around $11/m2.

A surface’s condition determines whether prior restoration will be necessary, which increases the cost. It will typically cost $100 – $200 more to repair a damp patch in a garage. An extra $20 – $60 will be charged for cleaning a localized grease stain before painting. 

Type of paint: the price of the paint will vary greatly depending on its type. Synthetic paint, for example, usually costs 10% – 20% more than water-based paints, while epoxy paint can increase it by as much as 50% – 100%. 

How much does it cost to paint a garage floor with professionals?

A 100 m2 garage’s floor would cost about $550 to paint with non-slip synthetic paint. While epoxy paint will cost approximately $2000, depending on how it’s applied. 

Painting a community garage door with synthetic paint will cost about $600 on average. The repair of 50 square meters of walls.   

Painting the walls and ceilings of a 140 m² garage can cost approximately $1,300.

Do it Yourself 

If you have decided to do it yourself, you should have this information before starting work on your garage:

The type of paint

It is very important to choose the right paint for the project. Choosing one without very much knowledge will not lead to quality work in your garage. Don’t worry, this guide will help you find the right paint.

Acrylic paint

Paint formulated from water is called acrylic paint. Therefore, it is less polluting, cleaner, but less durable. In the garage, it is recommended for walls and ceilings, but it is not recommended for floors due to its fast deterioration. 

The average price of this type of paint is around $8/l.

Synthetic paint

It is also possible that this type of paint can be considered an oil-based paint because it is formulated from chemicals. Paints of this type are more difficult to remove after application due to the larger surface area and are more difficult to wash off. However, it is the kind of paint that is exceptionally durable. You can use it both for painting walls and for painting garage floors.

It is usually around $10 for a liter of this type of paint.

Epoxy paint

There are two types of chemical paints: acrylic and acrylic-like paints, which are extremely durable. As soon as it dries, the paint takes on a plastic-like appearance, making it both tough and flexible.

When you want the result to last for a long time, epoxy is your best option. Floors are a good application as well as walls, however considering its resistance to traffic, it is important not to overlook it on the floors.

The average price of this type of paint is around $15-20/l.

Thixotropic paint

The paint is exceptionally insulating and is suitable for removing grease stains on garage walls. Smoke stains and dampness can also be removed with this product. Moreover, it can be easily washed and applied to practically any type of material.

The average price of this type of paint is around $20/l.

Since a garage is a space that is often dirtied and subjected to deterioration from traffic, it’s essential to use highly durable materials when painting the floor, walls and other elements.

If this is the case, you should opt for garage-specific paint since they are designed with durable materials and are easy to clean when covered with smoke and other gases created by gasoline combustion.

Take into account the humidity of the garage

While pollution from vehicles will affect deterioration, most garages are located beneath buildings, so moisture tends to accumulate there as well. It is equally important to use water-repellent paints and materials. This task is best accomplished with synthetic paints, whereas acrylic paints do not provide such good results.

Do not forget the floor

Pavements are a good place to use anti-slip floor paints, which increase the grip on the wheels and increase comfort for walkers and drivers.

The price of painting a garage floor with anti-slip paint can vary depending on the brand and quantity purchased. As a rule, however, the most common cost is $5.5 per liter for this type of paint. The materials for painting the garage floor, for example, would cost around $110 for 20 m2.

Most often, garages are used to store cars, but they are also used for storing items. As there is going to be much less traffic in those areas, acrylic paints can be used, without negatively impacting them.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the floor, it is recommended that you use a paint that is specially formulated for garage floors, regardless of the type of paint used.

In the case of community garages, it is necessary to consider the increased traffic, so it is recommended that the paint used is as resistant as possible, such as epoxy or synthetic paints.

Additionally, it will be necessary to consider the markings on the floor and the separation lines between the parking spaces. Whenever discussing communal garages, it is important to keep in mind that the rights and obligations of the owners need to be considered, since in many cases, neighbors pay for the garage’s painting.

Based on the size, type, and color of the door, and the paint used, the cost will vary. Generally speaking, this job costs $300 to $600 on average.

Having this information in hand, you can choose a better option based on your individual circumstances. Whether you decide to go with a professional company or venture out and try it yourself. With this information, you will be able to opt for either of these options without a problem

The following information was researched especially for you and we hope it will be helpful for you in your project. It is also possible that you can make use of some online tools that estimate the cost of painting your garage that will help you..

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