How Much Does It Cost To Print At FedEx? | Updated (2021)

Are you interested in finding out what FedEx charges for printing? You’ve come to the right place for more information about what you’re looking for.  

A black and white and color copy of a letter-sized page on 20lb White Bond paper costs $0.14 and $0.60, respectively. The paper as well as other aspects are priced differently.

Comparison With Home Printing

Compared to printing on your own printer, this is very cheap printing. In order to print a page in your home from printer to ink, you will need to arrange many things. Hence, let’s explore the issue further.

The Costs When You Print On FedEx

Some might find FedEx Office printing inconvenient. Your car must go out there with you. Regardless of how much it costs to print color at FedEx, you will still need to spend money to print or copy your documents.

We personally found FedEx Offices to be extremely convenient since every city has one. They provide printing services for you so that you can print any document when needed. Here’s what happens when you want a printout of your file, or an email of your file.

The first thing you have to do is drive to the FedEx office, which will cost you gas. There may be a small amount, but let’s count it and it may be $1, for example, for a roundtrip.

 In addition, depending on the shop and location, you could spend up to $2 and an additional $0.75 or even less. The total cost to print or email a document from FedEx Office is $4.

The Costs When You Print At Home

Inkjet-based printers continue to be the best sellers for home printing these days. This is because laser printers can print in color much more efficiently A more expensive method of printing than inkjet. You have to spend an amount within $100 – $200 if you want to buy an inkjet printer.

Furthermore, it would cost between $9 and $25 to replace the ink cartridge. A color printer requires separate cartridges for black and color.

Plus, the paper you need costs $10 for 100 sheets. This means that if you print your own copy at home, you’ll have to pay more than $200.

Final Notes

Our research shows that printing at your home is much more expensive than printing at FedEx.

In other words, if you are the type of person who experiences both hot and cold weather, FedEx Office will be the most cost-effective option among your home printers.

Comparing the yearly printing quantity and cost will also make it easier to understand.

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