How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor?

As important as the engine is the tire of a car. The safety of a journey depends on properly inflated tires. Car tires have a system for monitoring their air pressure called a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system is designed to ensure that you don’t blow out your tires or get into an accident.

The cost of replacing a tire pressure sensor is usually between $50 and $250. It is also necessary to purchase a TPMS service kit. It costs between $5 and $10 per wheel to get a service kit. 

Does TPMS work? Do you need to replace them? How much does it cost to replace a tire pressure sensor?

There are some frequently asked questions regarding TPMS. We will examine the basics of tire pressure monitoring in this article and learn how much it costs. 

What Is A Tire Pressure Sensor?

The tire pressure sensor is a component of the tire pressure monitoring system. The tire contains an electronic device. Sensors like this one are small and programmable.

A tire pressure sensor is attached to the wheel and tire pressurized space. A constant air pressure measurement is made inside of the tire.

An amber warning light or a warning message in the vehicle’s instrument cluster flashes if the sensor detects a low PSI (25 % below the recommended amount) inside the tire. 

TPSMs are unable to function without tire pressure sensors. According to the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act of 2000, TPSM has become a mandatory system in passenger vehicles. Today in the United States, almost all motor vehicles have TPMS due to the TREAD Act. 

Why Do You Need Tire Pressure Sensor? 

Road accidents are caused mainly by underinflated tires with low air pressure. TPMS company Schrader estimates that approximately 250,000 road accidents happen annually as the result of underinflated tires. 

According to a NHTSA report released in 2003, there were 78,392 road accidents caused by blowouts or flat tires. Over 10,000 people have been injured and 414 have died in these accidents in a year. 

TPMS is the system that helps the driver to detect the correct air pressure of the tire. It is an integral part of a safe driving experience.

A TPMS uses a tire pressure sensor to measure tire pressure. It continuously measures air pressure and makes the data available to the vehicle’s receiver by transmitting it through a low-frequency radio. If the air pressure drops, it immediately alerts the driver. 

Once the driver receives the warning through the instrument cluster, they usually pull over their vehicle.  

An underinflated tire flexes more as compared to one that is properly inflated. Flexing occurs because of low pressure, which produces excess heat and wears out your tires more quickly.   

Maintaining proper tire pressure can increase road safety, reduce fuel consumption, and ensure safe driving. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor?

Replacement expenses for tire pressure sensors vary from one vehicle to another. Depending on the sensor, prices range from $50 to $100. Four sensors could cost at least $100. 

Tires can be classified into two types. Tires with TPMS and tires without TPMS.

TPMS-equipment costs more than regular, non-TPMS tires. It is because tires equipped with direct TPMS require specialized service. In addition, it requires additional parts. 

The special TPMS service kit costs about $10 per wheel. This special TPMS service kit consists of a valve core, cap, nut, and seal. 

Do Tire Pressure Sensors Need To Be Replaced? 

There is a need to replace tire pressure sensors. Sensors that measure tire pressure are powered by batteries. Battery life is between a few years and a few decades.

This battery loses its charge over time. It is impossible to remove the tire pressure sensor inside the TPMS without damaging the entire system. Replacing the sensor at once is best.

Can You Still Drive Your Vehicle With A Bad TPMS?

A bad TPMS does not prevent you from driving your car. In addition, if the tire pressure sensors in your tires no longer work. Don’t take the risk of driving with them. 

A bad TPMS sensor can be driven for at most a week or two. In addition, you will risk your safety, the condition of your vehicle, and many more. 

Over time, your tires will wear out if your TPMS sensors are faulty. Additionally, if you have any severe damage to your car tires, the sensors in the TPMS won’t detect it. Most likely, it will endanger your life. 

Significant parts of your vehicle like tires, and rims, can get harmed due to bad TPMS sensors.

Things To Check After The Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement 

Make sure the sensors are replaced with the TPMS components once you reach the repair facility. Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System will perform at its best if the service kit component is replaced.

Make sure you re-program your TPMS sensors after replacing them. Check that the sensors are working properly before you leave the replacement facility.  

Final Words

You may be scared off by the replacement costs of TPMS. Regular garage work is more expensive. It doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t replace the TPMS sensors. Try doing it yourself. 

You may end up paying more money if you wish to save on your tire pressure monitoring system replacement costs. 

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