How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, a love holiday, or an anniversary, then shoes are a great choice. The shipping charge often accompanies shoes, and can end up costing more than the price of the actual shoe. Furthermore, there are very few details available regarding online shoe shipping, which makes them very hard to find.

A simple mistake like choosing the wrong box for your shoe packing may cost you extra money if you are a beginner in the shoe shipping field. 

In order to ship a single pair of shoes by USPS, the shipping fees start at $4.00. Priority mail is provided by USPS at a flat rate starting at $26.35 per item. For shoe shipping via the U.S. Postal Service, depending on the shoes’ size, distance and speed, you will have to pay anywhere from $4 to $72. The cost of shipping shoes using parcel shipping companies ranges from as little as $13.69 to as much as $150. 

You have come to the right place if you are looking for an exact answer to the question of how much does it cost to ship shoes.   

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes? 

There are a lot of lightweight, durable shoes available today. Shoe shipping is easy because of this. Over time, however, more courier services are being offered. Charges differ from one another. Shipping costs may be fixed by some couriers, or they may be determined by delivery speed and product weight.

Several factors decide the accurate pricing of the shoe shipping cost. Some are;

  1. If you are shipping something, you should take into consideration the weight of the product. Weight is determined by two factors for shoes. Product and packaging. Shipping shoes in the original package is preferred by some people, while others prefer to save shipping costs by shipping them in a different package. What is the cost of shipping shoes in original packaging and what makes an ideal shoe shipping package later. 
  2. Besides the weight, the distance has a significant impact on shipping fees, with more distance resulting in more fees. It will cost you more. There are differences between domestic and international shipping fees. 
  3. Shipping shoes domestically through the post office will cost much less than using your local post office. Others, however, think that the post office loses parcels quite frequently, so they don’t go there. The process takes too much time as well. Packages and price points vary depending on the shipping courier. Loss insurance is offered by some companies. Almost all courier companies provide tracking services for parcels. There are some companies that provide express delivery at a higher price. 
  4. Shipping fees can increase or decrease depending on the quantity of shoes purchased. For parcels containing multiple pairs of shoes, USPS offers excellent packages. Quantity affects the price significantly. 
  5. If the shipment is going to be delivered within the United States, there are usually no taxes applied. There are however duties and taxes that you will have to pay when you order an international delivery. Taxes and duties on imported goods are usually the responsibility of the importer after the goods have been sent by way of their country’s customs. In addition to this, the cost of shipping will also be significantly increased as a result. 

Post Office Or USPS 

You can use USPS to ship one pair of shoes if you are only shipping one pair. There are several shipping options offered by USPS. There are several methods of shipping footwear including first-class mail, priority mail express, priority mail flat rate, and retail ground.

If you’re sending one pair of shoes using a bubble mailer, choose first class mail. Shipping for shoes is one of the cheapest options here, starting at just $4.00. 

Shipping 1-2 pairs of shoes via USPS retail ground services is possible. The company offers both small and large packages. If your parcel is not urgent, and you can wait for 8-10 days for the shipping, this can be an economical option. The prices for retail ground start at $7.70 only. The delivery time is 2-8 days. 

Priority mail is available from USPS at a variety of prices. Shipping shoes with priority mail or priority mail express is the best option, according to us. There is also a flat rate option for priority mail express. 

Priority mail is delivered faster than ground mail when it is flat rate. For parcels weighing 13 ounces or less to 70 pounds, flat rate priority mail is the cheapest shipping option.

Even if you have a heavy parcel, the price remains the same. If you need to ship multiple pairs of shoes in the same cardboard box, this is the best solution.

The postal service requires that you know the exact size of your shoebox in order to select an appropriate box for the flat rate priority mail. You should not use your box to ship your flat rate priority mail parcel if you opt for this option.

Your shoes should be packed in a box, and that box should then be placed in the USPS box. In the United States, flat rate priority mail takes between one and three business days to deliver. 

The US Postal Service also provides express mail services. Starting at $25.35, the price is modest. 

From L. It takes 2734 miles to get from A to Miami. Here is a list of estimated prices for shipping 5lbs of shoes by USPS. 

  1. For USPS priority mail express, it costs $71.35. The delivery time is 2 days. 
  2. For USPS Priority mail, it costs $26.70. The delivery time is 4 days. 
  3. For USPS, the shipping fee is $23.90. The delivery time is 8 days. 

With USPS, you can opt for priority mail express international or priority mail international to get your shoes delivered quickly and hassle-free.

By priority mail express, a 5lbs shoe package costs about $90. It is estimated that the delivery will take 3 to 5 days. It is estimated that a shoe parcel weighing 5 lbs will cost $72 by priority mail. Delivery is estimated at 6-10 days. 

The post office will still accept parcels if USPS does not operate in your area. For standard shoe shipping, you might have to pay up to 12 dollars. A post office usually charges per 2 pounds. A pair of shoes weighs 2 pounds on average. It is possible that the packaging contributes another 300-350 grams to the weight of the product.

Double-boxing is a practice that some people like. Shoes are sometimes shipped with the original box. Consequently, the shipping fee or postage will also increase as the parcel will become heavier.

Find out more about the packages by contacting your local post office. The clerks at the post office can help you determine which package is a more financially viable option. 

UPS And FedEx

UPS or FedEx can be used if you do not like USPS or do not have it in your area. FedEx and UPS offer variable and flat rates for shipping shoe parcels. 

UPS, unlike USPS, offers flat-rate shipping options for packages packaged in your own packaging. The rules for flat-rate deliveries are the same as for USPS. If you want flat rate deliveries, you need to use their packaging.

Shipments with flat rates are cheaper than those with variable rates, but delivery times are more rigid.

The pricing of the flat-rate service depends on the packaging size as the fees are different for medium, large, and extra-large boxes. The speed of I delivered the In this case, it doesn’t matter how far you are from each other.his case. Unlike USPS and FedEx, whose packaging is based on the dimensions of the box, the packages of UPS are based on their volumes. 

There are three different delivery speeds offered by UPS, compared to six by FedEx. For both flat rates, the maximum weight per box is 50 pounds. The flat rate package for UPS ranges between $15.50 and $62. According to FedEx, it can range from $12.35 to $212.95.

A variable price is determined by the box size, the weight of the box, the speed of the delivery, and the distance. UPS charges $14.42 to $138.57 depending on the distance, and speed of delivery, for shipping a single pair of shoes or 5 lbs package within the United States. Federal Express charges $13.69 to $145 depending on the service. 

UPS charges between $431.50 and $241 for sending 20 lbs of packaging. Based on speed and distance, FedEx charges $28.02 to $249.62. 

UPS charges anywhere from $54.16 to $384.48 for a 50 lb parcel depending on the distance and the delivery speed. For example, FedEx charges anywhere between $51.45 and $380.50. 

Our recommendation is to visit their website if you are uncertain of UPS’s exact shipping prices. Their website has a calculating feature that shows the exact shipping cost of your parcel. 

Beginner’s Guide To Reduce Cost While Shipping Shoes

In order to reduce the cost of shipping shoes, you must pack them correctly. Shoes ship in bulky packaging, which can add to the price of shipping since you’ll need to pay more if the package is overweight and bulky.

In addition to being lightweight and sturdy, most shoes take up little space when packed properly. Sturdy shipping boxes are essential during shipping.

Pack one pair of shoes in a small cardboard box with bubble wrap and then pack it in bubble wrap. When shipping multiple pairs of shoes, cardboard boxes are the perfect choice.

Corrugated boxes are the best choice if you are shipping shoes internationally or even too far. Then use bubble wrap or bubble mailers to package heels and pumps, and proceed with double-boxing the package.

You must properly pack these delicate shoes to prevent damage during transit. Fragile shoes with trinkets or other accessories can be mailed in bubble mailers or flat cardboard mailers. 

How To Ship Shoes In the Original Box?

While some customers discard their original shoe boxes to minimize shipping costs, others prefer to keep the original box when shipping shoes. It is possible, however, for shoes to be damaged if they are shipped in their original boxes.

Most likely, the box will get damaged during transit, damaging your shoes as well. Send your shoes in their original package by following these steps: 

  1. Using Double Box

When you want to retain the original packaging, double boxing is a must. Your shoes should be packed however you want, placed in the original box, and then placed in another box.

Our recommendation is to still double box if you are opting for a flat rate priority mail. The box should stay intact by using a double box since your aim is to keep it free of damage.

It is often believed that flat rate priority mail does not require double-boxing, but we disagree. 

  1. Filling Up With Packaging Paper

When you have very lightweight and tiny shoes, you may want to fill the second box with packaging paper in order to prevent the shoebox from moving during transit.

When you send shoes overseas, this method can be applied. When shipping internationally, the hassles are greatest, so just double-boxing isn’t enough.

The original shoebox should be protected with packing peanuts or papers. 

Double-boxing will make your parcel a lot heavier, so bear that in mind. Flat rate priority mail is not a concern if you are opting for it.

If you choose the second box, however, we suggest checking the boxes’ sizes first. In this way, you can find a box that is the right size. 

Final Words

You should have received a notice from us by now about the shipping fees associated with shoes. You need to do a price comparison before settling for a particular courier service if you are searching for the cheapest shipping method to ship shoes. Make sure you decide if the package is urgent and if the package provider offers packages that may suit your needs. Choosing a reliable courier service will also guarantee that your shoes arrive in a safe condition. 

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