Random tick speed in Minecraft:All you need to know as a player

In order to explain random tick speed, we must first understand what Minecraft ticks are.

Minecraft ticks are one cycle of the game’s algorithm. Computer programs are typically looped, and the game has a specific speed for how fast the loop runs, resulting in the world being generated in realtime.

What is a random tick?

Also included in Minecraft is the capability to use “random ticks,” which affects things considered “random,” such as the growth of plants and trees, the decay of leaves, and the spread of fires.

Java Edition has a default tick speed of three, and Bedrock Edition 1 tick.

Image via Minecraft

What does the randomTickSpeed command do?

Players should be aware that this command is nothing to mess around with!

You can increase the number of random ticks that happen per block with the randomTickSpeed command. Here is a video explaining where it appears in-game.

Again, the default setting for the randomTickSpeed is three, so gamers who change it to 18 will notice a sixfold increase in the decay of trees, fire spread, and plant growth.

This would result in the Minecraft client being completely unplayable. As you can see in the image above, the player is attempting to set the randomTickSpeed property to 900,000.

There are a number of underlying factors that affect how well the ticks run on a client, and some clients may not be able to keep up with the default tick rates without lagging, so it is even more difficult to push those by 300,000 times!

Why change random tick speed in Minecraft?

random tick speed

Here are some reasons why players might want to change the random tick speed:

  • Growing crops is a long process for them.
  • It is their intention to burn down a forest as quickly as possible.
  • Their goal is to make the grass grow faster.
  • Their goal is to accelerate the hatching of Turtle eggs.
  • Their goal is to spread mushrooms faster.

In order to avoid getting burned down by a forest fire, players must carefully check their area. If they have increased the random tick speed too much, they might not have the chance to stop it.

As long as gamers are okay with “cheating” to expedite their games, randomTickSpeed can be a useful tool.

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