Windows 11 Top Features Include Android Apps Support, Widgets and It is A Free Upgrade

Windows 11 Top Features : Since Windows 10 was announced, Windows 11 has finally been released. We have gathered a few things so far about the software since it was just announced online.

Windows 11 Top Features

Redesigned Start Menu

Redesigned Start Menu

Start menus are usually found on the bottom edge of the screen.

The taskbar in Windows 11 has a menu and a button positioned in the middle like in macOS.

Instead, it is now more like an Android launcher that you would see on an Android device, rather than a live tile.

We have seen some images and videos of the update, and it does appear pretty and snappy.

Teams Integration

There were a lot of people using conferencing apps during the pandemic. The Microsoft Teams tool has been instrumental in Microsoft’s response to the craze of Zoom. The software is now integrated with Windows 11. Despite complaints about the performance of its entry-level devices, we are not sure whether the company has adapted this product to become less resource-intensive.

How is Skype doing now?

Window Widgets

Windows 11 also includes widgets from Microsoft. The user does not have to manually place them, because they’re personalized and created by AI. Widgets can be accessed on the OS’s left, and they can be expanded to fill the screen.

Improved Gestures on Tablets

Improved Gestures on Tablets

Microsoft says that Windows 11 will now work on tablets without any further adjustment. With it, gesture controls are improved and an emoji keyboard with GIFs and emojis is available. A stylus is now supported.


Support for Android Apps

sopport anoroid apps

Following Intel and Amazon’s partnership, Windows 11 also runs Android apps natively. Through the revamped Windows Store, users will be able to access the Amazon App Store and run the apps through Intel Bridge.


Free Upgrade

Are you aware of the free upgrade to Windows 10 that Windows 7 users received? Users of Windows 10 are also experiencing the same issue.

The following minimum specifications must be met by your PC:

Updates will be distributed through Windows Update in the same way that Windows 10 was. Please remember that it is necessary to have a Microsoft account in order to upgrade this time.

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